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It's precisely the same bonus to RuneScape

  • Take 14 Buckets of Slime and 14 Pots of Bonemeal and RuneScape gold teleport to Ectofuntus. Worship Ectofuntus to get prayer xp. For every single worship, you will receive 5 Ectotokens given by disciple NPC. There's an extra way of growing slime which may be faster in the endresult. It is possible to go to charting Crewmember at Port Phasmatys that sells 10 buckets of slime. Buy all of them and change the world to restock. Purchase again till you have a complete stock and then run to the bank to store them. Also instead of running to the bank in both slime amassing and bonegrinding you can use Ring of Duelling which will teleport you to Castle Wars where you'll find chest closeby. Teleporting between this location and Ectofuntus will accelerate this process by rather a lot.

    When training on Chaos Altar you'll be receiving 3,5 times more expertise than simply while burying the bones. It's precisely the same bonus to a Gilded Altar one and experience rates in both cases are very similar. There's one additional advantage and one additional drawback of instruction in Wilderness Altar. The benefit of using this process includes a special bonus.

    There is a 50 percent chance to save the bone on the sacrifice which still gives experience whilst also giving back your bone. This makes sacrificing bones at Gilded Altar extremely cost-effective but it also includes fantastic risk. Altar lies on level 38 Wilderness where gamers can be readily killed by other players. Likewise to Gilded altar, there's NPC who can unnote bones to get you to get just a bit of gold. If you want to train with these method follow those measures:

    Gear up and take as many noticed bones as you want. Remember that its high Wilderness and you are extremely prone to become PK goal and therefore don't get a lot of bones and also precious gear. Go to the Chaos Temple located west of Lava Maze. Talk to NPC outside of the hut to unnote bones. Sacrifice bones at the Altar. Go back to NPC into unnote more.Repeat the process.

    Ensouled heads. The previous method on the record is quite new. The player who has over 60% prefer in Arceuus House can train prayer using Arceuus magic on ensouled heads. If you want to train with this technique you ought to be a top combat level. At least 60 in every stat is advised to buy rs 3 gold start of however the better level you are - the quicker you'll gain Prayer exp.