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I was origionally going for RuneScape

  • Hello Sal's realm forumers. I've discovered something. The people that are theives work hard for RS gold their level 99 skillcape emote, but they get around a half-second emote that's barely noticable. However, skillcapes like cooking/woodcutting get extremly comprehensive emotes, depicting the character doing amazing things, even thaugh these abilities don't have any real threat to them, and they simply need patience.

    I was origionally going for level 99 theiving myself, but after seeing the less-than-spectacular emote, I decided to go with ingesting. I've always liked cooking, the emote looks amazing, and also my friends come to me for all their meals. I feel great about my new skills in this ability, but I still feel bad for the people who worked to get their capes, but then realised there was almost nothing special about them. Something such as a waste of 99k.

    Then the smoke bomb pops with a consequence, and the theif is visible again. A treasure chest appears in the front of this theif, who opens it and gets a blast of green posion to his face, which makes them stumble back. A cage falls on the theif, who subsequently lockpicks his way out.

    What do you think? For your firemaking emote. The firemaking emote may also use alot of work. The first time I watched this emote (seriously) that I thaught someone was kidding and performing the Slap Head emote. Not only can it be barely noticeable, the emote itself is quite choppy looking, along with your character hardly even moves while he's doing it. I really don't have alot of thoughts, but I suppose I could discuss one I've: A big pile of logs (About as tall as the personality ) pops up infront of your character, who lights it on fire, then watches a cloud of smoke rise up from it.

    And have the ability to conquer a level 250 foe who is immune to magic, and prayer just works 1/5th of the time against them. Prologue: Keldagrim is now filled with mass hysteria, rats are pouring into town, store owners are calling each other thieves, the Consortium Companies are accusing each other of stealing their customers, Riney's Keldahops won't grow, all of buy RuneScape gold the Dwarves that like to drink would be hungover!