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Elder Scrolls Online: Best Two-Handed Weapon Skills

  • The Elder Scrolls Online Gold incorporates a wide variety of weapon specialties, such as a two-handed weapon skill line. It comprises weapon types like mauls, great swords, and battle axes, that happen to be mostly utilized in combat while gaming. Also, for players to equip and employ any weapon from their skill line in The Elder Scrolls Online, they have to first kill an adversary with any two-handed weapon.


    These weapons aren't the same as others since they have built-in benefits that create a lot of harm to enemies. They are split into passive skills, active skills, and ultimate skills, which makes The elder scrolls online gold for sale a much better game. Furthermore, players that love fighting head-on will like using two-handed weapons, especially with the top skill.


    This is an excellent active skill for rendering opponents helpless. It is also utilized for knocking down any obstacle, knocking foes off their feet for a number of seconds, or hitting them from an altitude. An adversary's spell-casting may be interrupted employing this classic effect. In addition, it features two morphed abilities: the wrecking blow plus the dizzying swing.

    After five seconds of unleashing the skill, the wrecking blow crushes foes by having an upward swing, causing major harm and offering the gamer with empowerment and major berserk. On the other hand, utilizing the dizzying swing, the player's heavy attacks deal 80% more harm to adversaries.


    This two-handed weapon talent is undoubtedly an active skill having a strong swing that throws enemies while you're watching the player. It is very effective against several foes in PVP or PVE. This skill does lots of damage without delay and then does more damage every second for around 10 secs.

    Brawler is just one of its morphs; it surrounds the in a protective shield and deals huge ability problems for each enemy they strike, making the type extremely tanky while still dealing plenty of damage. In its alternate form, this ability causes bleeding destruction of the opponent.