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portable cell phone gps wifi jammers

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GPS jammers, if the production, regulation, and GPS satellite positioning waves interference, but you will not be able to locate the satellite radio waves, from mobile phone base stations (antenna) communication has closed, laws and regulations and interference because there is no confirmation location information is complete. Mobile phones and PHS are on, and we are communicating with the phone company's base station (antenna) and basic signals for location verification. As a result, the phone company's computers know the location of the mobile phone (near the base station of the mobile phone). How to use cell phone jammer? The way 4G cellular interference works is controlled by power. 1. Default power-on and power off: turn on the power, and when you start the device, the radiation power of this device will increase the most. When the power is off, stop using the device. 2. Each frequency of the super-powerful mobile phone jammer is also adjusted at a separate power level, and the circuit can be switched off. 3. Use remote control switch: control the activation of radio wave blocking device by adjusting the selection switch on the device to switch to the state of the remote control.
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