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Love dolls are thrown into a dump

  • I only swear in three situations: The owner has the key: Do you? Fortune teller: What are you? Shanghai garbage sorting lady: What kind of garbage are you?

    Some time ago, Shanghai just started to implement garbage classification. Shanghai residents are said to have quickly become angry over the waste sorting. There are policies, measures, and guidelines for netizens’ garbage dumps. Pigs can eat wet garbage. Pigs don't eat dry garbage. Pigs die, we eat them and we call them hazardous waste. The recycled waste can be sold to pigs. This is a very stark look, but if you think about it carefully, most people in the city have never raised pigs.

    But it reminded me of something. Two days ago, when the company took my aunt to clean the utility room, she saw a real-life most realistic sex doll and told us if we wanted to see it. This was obviously a large-scale scene, so I quickly asked a male colleague to help. According to the purpose of the love doll, it was confirmed that it was thrown away. But it’s really one thing to throw such a lifelike doll into a place where it won’t cause panic. And what kind of garbage are love dolls?

    We have done some verification on this issue. Common dolls on the market are divided into TPE and silicone. The true love doll we are dealing with this time is made of TPE material + built-in skeleton metal. TPE material belongs to the category of plastic. Plastic is recyclable, and metal is dry garbage, so it can be thrown away separately. Before throwing away love dolls, it requires a series of disposals, and the process is not easy. Because if the doll is not handled before throwing it away, it is likely to scare the person who finds it and cause misunderstandings. Before throwing it away in the trash, you can use scissors to cut the love doll into fist-sized pieces and throw them into a trash bag. As for the built-in metal skeleton, it can withstand force and bending. But if there are people like us who are timid and afraid of breaking, or people who can’t get rid of the emotions of love dolls, you can refer to the following remedies. We took out the dolls first because my aunt had to clean the practical room. The actual customize sexdoll weighs about 20kg to 30kg, but it is still difficult for male colleagues to move it. Then I pushed a cart all the way up to my colleague. A male colleague with whom I was close was relegated to the badminton court outside without forgetting to hide his clothes. Finally, he called his uncle who collected garbage, and his uncle came and took the inflatable doll away. Now, by the way, I would like to remind everyone that human body dolls are a large piece of garbage recycling and cost money. What are your thoughts on True Love Dolls?